Loyd McIntosh



SNL TimelineI thought this was kind of interesting. An extremely detailed timeline of all 37 years of Saturday Night Live. It includes every host and cast member since the show debuted in 1975 until today. Even though I’ve been a pretty regular watcher for years, I was surprised to see some names that I either didn’t know had hosted or had simply forgotten about - Ted Knight, Raquel Welch, Kate Jackson, Rick Nelson just to name a few.

The timeline also highlights some historical footnotes throughout the show’s run, such as the fact that Frank Zappa was banned from SNL on October 21, 1978 or that Anthony Michael Hall became the youngest cast member at age 17 for season 11, 1985-86.

The entire graphic, as you could imagine, is huge, so you’ll have to do a lot of scrolling to read through the whole thing. For me, it rekindled the debate on which cast was the best. I’m partial to the Eddie Murphy (check him out as Buckwheat) years and the Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Phil Hartman Victoria Jackson years from 1986 to about 1992.

My favorite sketch ever was the very first Sprockets sketch with Ben Stiller playing an adult Butch Patrick from the Munsters, complete with the werewolf make up. Of course, I can’t find that sketch anywhere online, so I’ve included a short video of the Sprockets dance at the end of a sketch with Woody Harrelson. It should make you as happy as a little girrrllll!

Auf Wiedersehen!