Loyd McIntosh


Big Accordion Solo!

I have a coworker here in the office at the full-time gig who isn’t much of a morning person. At least twice a week I’ll find her in the break room getting a cup of coffee or making copies and the first words out of her mouth will be ‘just shut up’ or something like that. It’s not meant to be anything mean or nasty. It’s just sort of her morning thang, if you know what I’m talking about. My usual response is to say right back “shaddup you face.”

I didn’t realize until recently she hadn’t heard of the old novelty song “Shaddaup You Face” by Joe Dolce. I remember hearing this song once in a while on the radio along with other novelty songs like Weird Al’s Another One Rides The Bus and the Barnes and Barnes tune Fish Heads. To my knowledge, we didn’t get the Dr. Demento Show in Birmingham (at least not at an hour a seven-year-old would be up listening to the radio), so the local DJs might slip it in among the Billy Squire and Matin Briely songs. However, until I decided to look up Joe Dolce on Wikipedia this morning, I had no idea that he is actually a very accomplished writer and poet, and has been living in Australia for almost 35 years.

Dolce has sold sold millions of copies of “Shaddup You Face” worldwide and the song is still the top selling Australian-produced song in the country’s history, 32 years after it was recorded. For those pop-culture smart alecks out there who are, in unison, saying “duh”, I have one thing to say to you.

Shaddup You Face!